Sugar Level

Wine Name

Wine Description


(0) Seyval Crisp - Great with scallops
(1) Pinot Grigio Mild - Good with chicken/turkey
(2) Riesling Delicate - Good with salads and vegetables
(3) Chardonnay Earthy - Great with poultry, pork or veal
(4) Canadice "Middle of the road" - Good for dry or sweet drinkers
(4) Niagara Has the flavor of a fresh picked grape
(4) Catawba Splashy and playful - Light and fruity


(0) Cabernet Franc Great with Ham, Pork, or Veal
(0) Petite Sirah Perfect with beef or lamb - Has a hint of oak
(0) Zinfandel(Oak) Rich oaky flavor - Great with pastas and red sauces
(0) Cabernet Pungent & Spicy - Great with grilled or braised beef
(1) Merlot Earthy taste - Good with beef and chocolate
(1) Shiraz Light bodied with a hint of sweet
(3) Blackberry Merlot A 50/50 blend of merlot blackberry
(4) Fredonia Full fruity flavor - Great with salads
(4) Blackberry 100% Natural - Surprisingly light body
(5) Icebreaker Sweet vineyard blend
(6) Elderberry Sweet, with a hint of oak
(10) Black Currant Sweet, with a slight tart finish


(3) White Zinfandel Beautiful Blush - Rich in flavor
(3) Symal Refreshing vineyard blend - Light - Great sipping wine
(4) Blueberry Thrill Fruity - True thrill for the taste buds
(4) Spice Serve cold or warm - Great for the holidays
(7) Sherry Hearty Sweet - A great after dinner drink